Retro Chevron Stone Wrap Holiday Wrapping Paper

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This wrapping paper is not really "paper"! Christmas Stone Wrap® is Treeless wrapping paper. This gift wrap is made from 75% Limestone - 25% Polyethylene. The limestone is a bi-product of mining which would normally be discarded. Instead it is salvaged and made into this material without water or bleach. Made in USA from imported material.

This luxurious gift wrap is waterproof and recyclable. It has a high quality matte finish, smooth surface and the ease of folding and cutting are unlike any other. Once you try it you won't want to go back to regular wrapping paper! It's absolutely the best wrapping paper you will ever use!

Super cute bright vintage mid century modern styles: chevron owl stars trees stripe designs! Spread the holiday spirit with this unique green gift wrap!

30" wide 8' roll