Friendly Colorado Native Bumper Sticker "This Native Welcomes You"

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Finally a kind, warm, & friendly take on the classic Colorado NATIVE bumper sticker! "This NATIVE welcomes you" but with a caveat... *  Add a second bumper sticker next to it that says "only IF you KEEP RIGHT except to pass" to help teach these transplants how to drive in our great state, which actually has a slow lane and a PASSING LANE! If you have another idea or pet peeve for what to put on the second bumper sticker "Only IF" after the aster-ix, please let me know and I will make it for you! 

About the Designer:  I have lived in California, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, as well as Italy and New Zealand and have felt welcomed in all of those places. I have no shortage of Colorado Native Pride but I wish we didn't have to be so snooty about being born here with our native bumper stickers. No one chooses where they are born! Diversity and variety makes us and our state a better place, so let's welcome the newcomers.