Wet Blanket punny Halloween Costume

Regular price $ 58.00

Don't like to dress up for Halloween, but always hear about it from your friends if you don't? Take that Party Pooper attitude to the next level this Halloween with this hilarious costume! Make all your friends laugh with your Debby Downer attitude and this comfy, easy Haloween costume. It won't be mistaken for a Snuggie or a Slanket because of the jumbo clear acrylic water droplets on it. Just throw this soft fleece poncho over your head and any clothes you happen to have on and shazam! and awesome, unique costume. One size fits all, great as a plus size costume.The perfect funny easy simple Haloween Costume! Just wear this realistic looking blanket on your body with any of your regular clothes. Easy, no effort, hilarious costume.

It includes 1 wearable blanket with large clear acrylic water droplets sewn to the front

You can also buy the water droplets separately for $15 and stitch them to any blanket you have on hand for a fast easy DIY do it yourself Halloween costume! Just send us a message if you are interested.