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The Wooden Phone Wallet is simple, beautiful, functional, and universal. Holds 2-3 cards & some cash. Made with eco-friendly Vegan Leather, FSC Certified sustainable wood, and strong 3M adhesive. 1.2 x 1.2 inches, weight 1.5 oz, packaged weight 1.6 oz.

real wood phone wallet

Wooden Wallet Features

  • Wooden Phone Wallet  
  • Holds 2-3 cards with room for some cash
  • Made with eco-friendly Vegan Leather & FSC Certified sustainable wood
  • Strong 3M adhesive
  • Design Adds less than 1 oz. weight & 3 mm thickness.
  • Ships from USA to to US & International addresses
  • Lightweight but satisfyingly heavy    

 Phone Wallet in purple heart

All WUDN woods are locally sourced and hand selected by our team for superior quality, strength and style.

  1. Black Walnut Wood
  2. Mahogany Wood
  3. Carmalized Bamboo Wood
  4. Aromatic Cedar Wood, Eastern Red Cedar Wood
  5. Purple Heart Wood
  6. Shimmering Maple Wood

Super Durable Design

The Wooden Phone Wallet is small and lightweight. It has the construction and feel, of real quality, compared to cheap and thin plastic or vinyl phone wallets. 

Phone wallet for iPhone and samsung galaxy

Custom Wood Finishing

Don’t settle for the same phone wallet everyone else has. Stand out from the crowd with a real wooden phone wallet from WUDN. Each one handmade with real wood, and cut by the WUDN team. So go ahead; show off your style.

Customer Questions and Answers

Is the Phone Wallet covered in real wood?

  • Yes, every Phone Wallet is covered in real wood. Each wood is hand selected by our team for beauty and uniqueness. Wood options for most all of our wood accessories include Mahogany, Black Walnut, Carmalized Bamboo, Aromatic Cedar, American Cherry, Purple Heart or Shimmering Maple.

Can I still use Qi wireless charging?

  • Depending on the placement of the Phone Wallet on the back of your phone or case, you may still be able to use Qi wireless charging. We can’t guarantee it of course. You should buy one and test it with your specific charger.

Will the wood get stained and ugly?

  • It could, but unlike plastic and other synthetic materials, our wood accessories actually get better looking over time. We ship our products with only one light layer of polyurethane. This means the wood will age and the more you use it, the more the wood will look authentic and vintage. Some artisans actually use coffee to stain wood in beautiful mocha hues.

Should I get matching sunglasses made of wood?

  • Duh. How cool are you on Saturday afternoon with a Bamboo Ringsta and matching Bamboo Frame Sunglasses. Seriously.

Should I get a matching wooden phone case?

  • Of course. Who would want a beautiful Aromatic Cedar case and a matching Phone Wallet with a cedar back.

Our Promise: Your Custom Wooden Wallet is 100% Certified Sustainable Wood. Trees clean our air, give us shade, and provide us with delicious food. That's why for every tree that gives it's life for our products we will plant one 1 for 1.